As Gment Group of Companies we build trust-able trade bridge between Middle East, Africa and Turkey and it is about to expand. You may see below what we export and import between our worldwide trade bridge;

Cement and construction materials Trading

Cement is one of our main product we trade. We  export cement from Turkey to worldwide but mainly to Libya.  Our monthly volume of cement export from Turkey is between 2,500,000-3,000,000USD.

Steel,iron,copper and scrap metals Trading

Steel trade was one of our local business in Egypt but we starting also import and export transaction in Turkey. Corrugated galvanized steel sheet,  trapezoidal sheet, steel rolls, coils and more are in our portfolio.

Dried and fresh food and agrıcultural Trading

We have been exporting different food stuff such as feeding barley/corn, rice, frozen meat, fresh fruits, dry fruits…to Egypt, Libya, Sudan and Syria.